News and Status

This document contains the latest news and status regarding the JFoxSOAF project. It is here you'll find announcements related to JFoxSOAF

Current Status

We are developing JFoxSOAF 1.0.

25 Nov 2004 - Release JFoxSOAF 1.0 M2

EJB Proxy Service Support.

iBatis Service Support.

DB Pool Service Support.

20 Oct 2004 - Release JFoxSOAF 1.0 M1

Integrate PicoContainer as Micro Kernel.

Integrate JFoxMX as Manageable Container.

Simple Cache Serivce Support.

Hibernate Serivce Support.

Logging Serivce Support.

Add MicroKernel XML Schema implementation.

Integrate Apache Struts MVC framework.

Coverage core j2ee desgin pattern: service locator.

Maven-based intelligent project management

Well defined exception framework