Getting Started with JFoxSOAF

This document (as well as the others in this section) provide an introduction to JFoxSOAF and how to use it within a project.

Overview of the Getting Started Documentation

Download Before you can start using JFoxSOAF in any form, you'll have to download the JFoxSOAF distribution to your system (unless you plan on building JFoxSOAF from source). This document provides links to the various distributions available.
Install After you have downloaded a distribution, you'll need to install this on your system before you can start using JFoxSOAF This document provides step-by-step instructions on the installation process.
Use For those of you that have been referred to this document because you are trying to build a JFoxSOAF-enabled project , JFoxSOAF Developer Guide will provide you with all of the necessary information required to build any JFoxSOAF-enabled project.
Build For the adventurous (its actually quite easy), you can build JFoxSOAF from source instead of downloading and installing via an installer. As a result of building JFoxSOAF directly, it will also be installed on your system. This document provides you with step by step instructions.