JFox(J2EE Application Server Implementation Project)

JFox1.0 English Document

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James.yan <[email protected]>
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Dec 2003

The Document describe setup and use method of JFox ,and then simply describe EJB application develop、compile 、debug 、deploy 、execute process and may appear some problems。 Document write reference from JFox project design,work,use documents,If you have any correct and advice,Please tell us.

1.JFox Abstract

2.JFox Feature

3.JFox Install

4.JFox Container

  • inherit Jboss container all excellence :)

5.Your First EJB

  • JFox Characteristic one,a meta class replaces ejb-jar.xml so development can be simplified.

6.Client invoke EJB on JFox from servlet

  • JFox integration Tomcat,client can invoke EJB on JFox from servlet

7.JFox Transaction Process

  • Comparing with jboss , JFox TM provide better capacity.

8.JFox DataSource

  • JFox datasource supports all databases that can provide XA specification drivers.

9.Customization of EJBMeta

  • JFox deploys EJB components according to the Meta class in EJB jar file, please make sure that every EJB has a Meta class with it

10.JFox Transmission protocol

  • JFox uses the invoke style of protocol late-decided,can change invoke protocol dynamic
  • JFox only supports JRMP and Local protocols now, the more protocols such as SOAP HTTP IIOP will be supported in future editions.